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+86 13711920575

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  • +86 0769-83385578

    +86 13711920575

  • 東莞市東坑鎮東坑大道北135號

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金達廚具成立于2000年,于2010年更新注冊為東莞市金達廚具設備有限公司,注冊資金人民幣100萬  ,金達廚具承接各大小廚房設備工程及熱水工程,產品廣泛用于賓館、酒樓、工廠、學校等企事業單位。

       Jin Da kitchen was founded in 2000, was updated in 2010 registered as Jin Da Dongguan City kitchen equipment limited company, registered capital of RMB 1000000,Jin Da kitchen to undertake various kitchen equipment engineering and water works, the products are widely used in hotels, restaurants, factories, schools and other instituti
ons.We are specialized in the size of kitchen design, production, sles, installation, repair all in one service. Our products comply with environmental protection, energy saving,Safety, health concept.Factory production equipment advanced complete, equipped with various professional machinery. Jin Da accumulated over the years of industry
experience and technology of its own strong development recordNew ability, training with a focus on design, production and proessional after-sales service personnel. To unite all the staff, hard work, enterprising, recordThe new spirit of the broad masses of old and new customer service.
     Wehave the spirit of:" people-oriented, elaborate kitchen" belief. From production to sales, every product, we are pursuing refine on,To reach the acme of perfection, to all customers as the center. Our aim: there is no best, only better; our products: adhere to the quality, that isThe life of the enterprise; our services: customer satisfaction, is o
ur pursuit, to implement the concept of the supremacy of customers. Ji Da Dongguan City kitchen equipmentCompany constantly committed to technology innovation of return customers, to high-quality products and improve after-saes service and reasonable prices to win the majority of customersThe support and ecognition. We firmly belie
e that there is a lofty goal and development train of tought, the majority of customers the support of friends, we wil do better,Let us work together, a positive developmnt accords with the requirement of environmental protection, energy saving, high quality and efficient new produts for the foodservice industry.